Q) Can I take the young lady away from the club for a few days?

A) Yes, if she wants to she can arrange with you for the number of nights.

Q) Where can I take the lady once I leave the club?

A) This is up to you. Another club, disco, cocktails, dinner or maybe back to your hotel for a night cap.

Q) What will the young lady charge me?

A) You should negotiate that with her before leaving the club.

Q) If I see a lady I would like to take out, how do I go about it?

A) Ask any of the service girls in the club to introduce you. They will call her down to come and speak to you, she/he will then introduce the lady to you, after that the rest is up to you. You can then buy her a lady drink or bar drink and begin a conversation with her.

Q) I would like to make a reservation for Lady #xx on yy date?

A) Sorry, but the DollHouse cannot provide this service. You will have to arrange this directly with her.

Q) What about STDs and HIV?

A) Very good question. The Dollhouse, like most of the other reputable clubs in Thailand, require mandatory testing for the girls every two weeks. You can ask to see the girls' cards anytime you wish.

Q) What is a lady drink?

A) The girls get a small commission on lady drinks, which is usually cola.

Q) How do I know I will not get ripped off from the girls?

A) If you feel that you have been ripped off or are not happy about something, please speak to the management ASAP. WE WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO TAKE PLACE IN OUR CLUB.

Q) If I take the young lady back to my hotel, will there be any problems?

A) All hotels are used to ladies coming to the hotel with customers. However, many of the hotels will require that the lady leave her ID card with the front desk until she leaves. This protects you, as well as the girl. Most of the four star hotels will not allow unregistered guests up to your room.

At The DollHouse we take pride to ensure that it is a hassle FREE bar. Discretion is our main concern for those who require it.

Q) Where can I get more information?

A) From our friendly staff.